Name Description Rate Duration
Sothys Specific Treatments
PERFECT SHAPE V-LINE TREATMENT Specially designed for a double mission: tighten and tone the oval of the face, the neck and the décolleté.( Target double chin concern ) 140 – 240 1h++
ESSENTIAL NECK TREATMENT An efficient treatment to improve hydration, firmness and progressive smoothening of lines/wrinkles. 140 – 240 1h++
PRESCRIPTION JEUNESSE CRYO EYE PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT Specifically design for the eye area. Immediately erases signs of fatigue and ageing, using Sothys exclusive Modelling porcelains to provide a refreshing effect. 260 1h++
Sothys Spot-On-Results Treatments
RADIANT TREATMENT For Dull Tired Skin Restores skin clarity and vitality. 290 1h30m
FIRMING TREATMENT For Lack Of Firmness A treatment to improve skins radiance & firmness of the facial contour and prevent the early on set of wrinkles 290 1h30m
MOISTURE GLOW TREATMENT For Dehydrated Skin A treatment with Vitamin F to restore skins hydro-lipid film and improve skin’s radiance and reduce appearances of fine lines. 290 1h30m
ANTI-REDNESS TREATMENT For Fragile Capillary Skin A treatment which helps strengthen capillaries walls and reduce redness. 290 1h30m
MATTIFYING TREATMENT For oily/problem skin A treatment that specifically helps clarify and purify skin by preventing blocked pores and normalizing the production of sebum. 290 1h30m
NOURISHING TREATMENT For Dry Skin A treatment that helps to protect and provide extreme comfort and suppleness to dry skins. 290 1h30m
SERENITY TREATMENT For sensitive skin Gentle formulation that instantly soothes skin’s sensitivity and protects skin immune system. 290 1h30m
Sothys Synergy Treatments
REVIVE-GLOW TREATMENT Pigmentation/Dullness/Ageing Promote skin radiance while improving skin detoxification & oxygenation. 350 1h30m
HYDRA-MATT TREATMENT Oiliness/Dryness This treatment promotes healing for blemished skin and improves overall resilience. Refines and smoothens skin by intensively restoring the skin’s hydration and regulating skin’s oil secretion. Skin is perfectly clean,matte and supple. 350 1h30m
ENERGY GLOW TREATMENT Pigmentation/ Dullness Visibly restores skin radiance and energizes tired, stressed skin. Improves skin’s micro-circulation while strengthening skin’s tolerance to stress. 350 1h30m
HYDRA LIFT TREATMENT Aging/ Dehydration Improve skin’s hydration, reduce fine lines and wrinkle. An advance treatment for anti-aging. 350 1h30m
MATT STABILIZER TREATMENT Capillary/Sensitivity/Oiliness/Dryness Relieves sensitive discomfort caused by pimple inflammation and overly active sebaceous glands. Promotes healing providing refine matte skin. 350 1h30m
Sothys Intensive Treatment
HYDRA3HA INTENSIVE TREATMENT -Restore immediate hydration to the skin. -Reactivates the skin’s hydration mechanism by stimulating genes and helps the skin’s ability to hydrate itself. -Regenerates the epidermis by protecting & maintain the viability of the epidermal stem cells and improve cellular communication for better cell function. ( Up to 71% hydration after 1st treatment ) 470 2h++
Body Slimming
Fat Freeze Cryolysis A non-invasive therapy that uses ultrasonic coop sculpting energy to dissolve fat in target area and smooth out bumpy cellulite 880 1h
Fat Freeze Cryolysis(1st Trial) 580 1h
V-Lipo Absorption
V-Lipo suitable for areas such as arms, upper and lower stomach buttocks, thighs, double chin. It will help you to slowly dissolve and breaks the fatty deposit under your skin. The end result will take about3-4 weeks where excess body fat is removed as well.
Face V-Shape 128 1h
Arm 158 1h
Belly 288 1h
Thigh 288 1h
Body Back 328 1h
808 Diode Laser Hair Removal
808 Diode laser is more stable and uniform than over wavelengths that are commonly used for laser hair remover. The reult in a system that is safe and appropriate for all skin types, with its unique chilled-tip and cooling technology, increases comfortness and pain-free.
Armpit 88 1h
Half Arm 148 1h
Full Arm 168 1h
Full Leg 298 1h
Half Leg 198 1h
Upper Lips 68 1h
Full Face 128 1h
Bikini 188 1h
Brazilian 228 1h
Body(back) 228 1h
Body(front) 228 1h
Body Waxing
We provide high-quality waxing treatments using the most innovative face and body waxing products from France and uniqe hair removal technique to prevent hair breakage, ingrown hairs, redness and the associated painful sting.
Armpit 88 1h
Half Arm 148 1h
Full Arm 168 1h
Full Leg 298 1h
Half Leg 198 1h
Upper Lips 68 1h
Full Face 128 1h
Bikini 188 1h
Brazilian 228 1h
Body(back) 228 1h
Body(front) 228 1h
Embroidery (appointment-only)
Eyebrow Embroidery 800 – 1200 1h++
Eyeliner Embroidery 500 – 800 1h++
Candy Lip Embroidery 600 – 800 1h++
Eyelash (appointment-only)
Eyelash Extension 228 – 298
Eyelash Keratin Lifting 168 – 228
Oxyfuse Oxygen Treatment
Uses the power of oxygen to hydrate, calm and clean problematic skin. Promoting skin healing and boosting production for anti-aging cologne and elastin.
Oxyfuse Oxygen Treatment 350 2h++
Ovary Care Treatment
Ovary Care Treatment 288 1h30m
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